AL!VE & Better Impact Hybrid Conference

Once Upon A Time Begins With You: 
Reimagining the Future of Volunteer Engagement

September 13, 2016  9:00-4:30 (Pacific time. 8:00-3:30 Mountain)

September 14, 2016  9:00-4:30 (Eastern time, 8:00 – 3:30 Central)  

Current Hybrid Locations & contact info to attend (more added soon, check back often):
      Pacific 9/13
(Mountain may join here, adjust 1 hour earlier)
Central & Eastern 9/14 (Central adjust 1 hour earlier)
     Davis, CA
Oiled Wildlife Care Network
Dayton, OH
MVAVA & Goodwill Easter Seals
  Sacramento, CA
DOVIA Sacramento
Oshkosh, WI
Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association
  Tuscon AZ
SAVMA Southern Arizona Volunteer Managers Association
Ann Arbor, MI
United Way of Washtenaw County & WAVC
    Peoria, IL
The Salvation Army Peoria
    Fairfax, VA
    Dallas, TX
    Corning, NY
The Corning Museum of Glass
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
(internal group)
    Oxnard, CA
Ventura County Volunteer Coordinators Council

What is a Hybrid Conference ?
Four 90 minute presentations from dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging trainers are live streamed to your local group.  A local facilitator guides group discussions in concert with the trainers.  Your group provides a location with access to a high speed internet connection, a screen, a local facilitator, handouts, and lunch/snacks for your group. 
You determine the fee you charge for your local attendees.

Cost:  $450.00 per session location                    ($50 Discount for AL!VE members, use code ABIH2016)

New!  1/2 day (morning or afternoon) at $250 per session location - $225 for AL!VE members

Registration Deadline:  September 5, 2016

Our Presenters:

Rob Jackson – Rob  Jackson Consulting Limited –
How to Develop as a Volunteer Manager
What do you want from a career in working with volunteers? Do you even see volunteer management as a career or just a step towards something else? How can you take control of your professional development? Drawing on his own personal career journey, Rob will help you focus on how you can develop as a volunteer manager and what options are available to you to make your goals happen.
Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA – CEO at VolunteerPro –
It’s About People Work Not Paperwork:  Using Psychology to Boost Volunteer Involvement

he world is evolving and volunteers with it. Today’s volunteers have diverse lifestyles, preferences, and needs that must be accounted for when developing volunteer programming and fine-tuning your personal leadership approach. That said, one thing remains constant – the key psychological processes that drive human behavior. New discoveries in brain science, psychology and human behavior are disrupting business as usual and creating new opportunities to connect, collaborate, and mobilize volunteers for the greater good.  Why is it important to understand how the brain works? Because our brains determine everything we do. By better understanding what triggers humans to act, volunteer managers can become better influencers and, ultimately, better leaders.

Elisa Kosarin, CVA – Principal at Twenty Hats Consulting (
Getting Strategic about Advancing Your Volunteer Program

Volunteer managers understand the power of their programs to meet and expand a nonprofit’s capacity.  Next to fundraising, a well-run volunteer program is an organization’s greatest resource in meeting its mission. Then why is it that many nonprofits do not recognize volunteers at the highest levels of their organizations and include volunteer engagement in their strategic plans – even if they currently operate a volunteer program?  It could be that we need to expand our visibility as leaders within our nonprofits and hone our skills as advocates. This session will cover just how to educate our leadership about the tremendous value of volunteer programs, as well as how to earn a more influential seat at the decision-making table.  Learn how to position your program strategically to achieve the greatest impact.

Neal McCord
Hospitality Vs. Courtesy

 Is customer service a culture in your organization?  Neil will expand on this topic using his background working for the Walt Disney Company and in his current role in providing exceptional experiences for families at Give Kids The World.

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