AL!VE Survey Results

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AL!VE Survey Results

The 2010 AL!VE survey results indicated a high level of satisfaction in the direction the AL!VE Board is taking the organization. Below are some highlights of these results.

The survey was sent to all AL!VE members. Thank you to the 64 members who completed the survey,   As a professional organization, these results confirm the AL!VE Board direction is aligned with its membership’s goals and expectations. It also identifies future projects that will benefit our membership.

AL!VE plans to utilize the results and respond as part of our 2010 -2011 goals/strategies


1. Overall completed responses to the 20 questions: 64

2. Demographics: Of the AL!VE members who responded, more than half (53%) have been in the field of Volunteer Engagement for over 10 years. A half of the responders (51.7%) are in the non-profit section and a third, (33.3%), are in the government sector. There is an even amount of organization with 100-250 volunteers as there are 250-500 volunteers, (20%) and a surprising number of organizations with 1,000 to 3,000 volunteer, (19.%).

3. Highlights of key questions and responses:

a. Have you read the AL!VE newsletter?
Yes 58.7%
Yea and Valuable 31.7%
No 9.5%
b. Do you find our web site at  easy to use?
Yes 95.1%
No 4.9%

Those who have used it said they searched the Membership Directory list and checked out the calendar for events in their area.

c. Have you attended an AL!VE webinar?
Yes 39.1%
No 60.9%

Those that said “yes”, commented that the registration process was easy and the webinar was very useful. It was suggested that we populate the calendar and add more information to the website, which we are trying to do with the help of our members.

d. Do you have an interest in an online resource library for AL!VE members?
No  0%

Topics of interest included: Nonprofit education resource list, research and statistics on volunteerism, Standards for effective volunteer engagement and management, trainings and conferences in the field, risk management issues, generational diversity, list of Local/State/National Volunteer Management Associations, and recognition /awards around the country.

e. Would you use a Peer Networking and Mentoring database that can be populated and shared between members.
Yes 95.1%
No 4.9%
Members were excited and added their area own areas of interest, saying it was a GREAT idea! The database can be cross referenced by location, topic, agency type, mentor information, years of experience, and more.

f. In researching how our members would like us to help them advocate for the profession, it was even across the board:
• Advocate on a state/national level on issues related to the Volunteer profession 72.2%
• Create talking points that can be use in the workplace or community 76.9%
• Provide training on advocating for the profession 73.0%

Members also shared information about their associations, conferences, trainings, and more all which we plan to share with you.

To see the survey answers, please click here[1].pdf .

Newsletter - Spring 2010

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