Dec 12th-Webinar Importance & Best Practices of Background Checks

By Todd R. Carpenter, IntelliCorp President

The Importance of Using and Understanding Background Check Screening Part 1: Comprehending the Art of Background Screening
Part of building a successful organization begins with hiring qualified employees and volunteers that fit into your culture. Good hiring decisions help position a company for success. Poor hiring decisions can jeopardize revenue, lead to inefficiency and increase your exposure to risk. Therefore, the pressure organizations face to make correct hiring decisions is increasing.

Comprehending the Art of Background Screening
Employment and volunteer screening is your first line of defense in protecting your staff and company assets. Being proactive and implementing a consistent and compliant screening policy helps you establish guidelines for reasonable background screening standards for the different positions in your organization.

Since not every position requires the same level of investigation, you need to obtain information about each of your applicants that depends on the job for which they are applying. Most basic background checks involve criminal reports, Social Security number/address history and education and employment verifications. The option always exists to expand a search beyond the basic screening components. Depending on the position, you can add additional searches such as motor vehicle reports, professional licenses, credit history and drug testing.
Newsletter - Fall 2013

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