Bridgeing The Generational Divide Amoung Volunteers

By Penny C. Reeh

By Penny C. Reeh - Owner Indigo Resource Group -- Kids these days, they just don’t want to work! How can I lead when the old guard won’t let me? Do either of these sound familiar to you? It’s because they represent the classic generation gap that many festivals are encountering as they seek to create a volunteer experience that engages both the seasoned volunteer and new, and often younger, volunteer.

Conflict between generations is certainly not a new phenomenon, but it is fair to argue that the lightning pace of technological change and the impact it has on generational perceptions has created a more distinctive, and potentially explosive, generational divide than ever before. The best way to bridge this divide is for festivals to create an organizational culture that welcomes each of today’s generational cohorts, uses their unique talents wisely, and encourages understanding and patience among all. | READ MORE at  

Newsletter - August 2010

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