Local Association Member Spotlight: DOVIA-LA

Submitted by Kate Ekman, DOVIA-LA President

DOVIA-LA's calendar for more information. This also means we are interested in speakers from any geographic location. Reach out if you’d like to explore presenting for us! 
Do you have an annual professional development event?
Each year we welcome volunteer engagement professionals to attend “Education Day”. This year, because we are hosting the conference virtually, we have industry leader Faiza Venzant hosting the day as well as Rob Jackson & Amira Barger coming to do workshops. All of our content will address the issues of the times in our field. What’s more, we are able to welcome anyone interested in the content to attend. Please visit www.doviala.org/education-day-2020 for more information. We’d love to have you join us!

What is something you're pretty proud of?
In July, DOVIA-LA hosted a workshop for volunteer engagement professionals focused on anti-racism. We were driven by the importance of this topic and we had 84 people register to join us. That was a record for us and we were proud to make space for people wanting to make a difference.

How are you using social media?
We share resources and event info @doviala (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).

Anything else you'd like your peers to know?
We’ve heard people say over and over that they feel like they’re “on an island” by themselves in this profession until they’ve connected with our community.
If you are a veteran of volunteer management for 10+ years, we would love to have you speak  so our members can learn from your past experiences in being in this profession during periods of crisis and uncertainty. Please e-mail doviala@gmail.com for more info.
Newsletter - AL!VE Newsletter: August 2020

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