Local Association Member Spotlight: Fargo-Morehead DOVS

Interview of Cairn Reisch, Fargo-Morehead DOVS President

to proclaim April 19-25 “Volunteer Week”. This was the first time North Dakota formally recognized the week and we were hoping to do a big celebration at the capital but alas COVID had other plans. Maybe in 2021?..


Do you have an annual professional development event?
We are just getting back into the swing of having annual events; we have a cadence of meetings that vary between informal networking, service projects and educational sessions. This was our fist year hosting the Hybrid Conference, my hope is that we will do the conference and proclamation annually moving forward.

What would you say to others to become involved in their local association?

I highly recommend becoming involved in your local association and committing to getting to know the other members! The connections and friendships that I have formed in my local association has been the most meaningful aspect. As a transplant, I was able to learn so much about the community through the organizations and professionals as well as have my support group when I need a second opinion.

Newsletter - AL!VE Newsletter: November 2020

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