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Do you feel isolated in your role as a volunteer leader in your organization? Are you the sole person in your organization who is responsible for the leadership and guidance of your volunteers?

Well, you can get “connected” with other AL!VE members through our Peer/Mentor Directory. As an AL!VE member, you are entitled to reach out to others for expertise, advice and mentoring opportunities. Or you can offer advice and expertise to help others. To take part in this program, just log into your AL!VE profile and update the information by answering the questions provided to you on this database.

By becoming a part of the AL!VE Peer/Mentor Directory, you are about to begin what we hope will be a most rewarding and fulfilling experience. Your commitment indicates that you believe in the work you do and in helping others to grow professionally.

It's easy, just update your member profile - log into your account, list your competencies and your willingness to share expriences, be a mentor or trainer.

Looking for information, search the Peer/Mentor directory - log in and search for members who can help you, by searching under type of organization, location or skills needed.

Additional benefits:
Join our linkedin group - AL!VE, become a fan of AL!VE on Facebook, follow us @volunteeralive or
Post a training or conference online to share with the group.


Newsletter - Spring 2011

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