Reimagining Service 'Sunset'

effective volunteer engagement practices
across all sectors. We have met our campaign objectives to spark a
conversation regarding strategic volunteer engagement. During the
campaign, Reimagining Service has sought to "convert good intentions
into greater impact" and has inspired new research and practices as well
as several initiatives that have changed the way organizations from all
sectors are engaging volunteers, including the Civic 50 [2] and the
Nonprofit Service Enterprise Initiative [3].

In celebration of the closure of our effort, we have assembled a report
[4] that details the Reimagining Service principles, our observations
regarding emerging volunteer trends, and our thoughts regarding the
opportunities that still exist to further deepen volunteer engagement.
We hope that you will review and share the report broadly with your
peers and networks.

Moving forward, Points of Light will maintain public access to the
Reimagining Service resources, including research, case studies, and
toolkits, through the Reimagining Service website: [5]. We encourage you to continue to access
and leverage the materials available on the website.

I want to express my appreciation to all the Reimagining Service Council
members and volunteers who contributed their intellectual capital,
professional skills and networks, and who applied their passion to the
cause of improving volunteer impact.

Reimagining Service thanks Points of Light [6] and the Presidio
Institute [7] for hosting our operations during the campaign, as well as
the generosity of our funders: Bank of America, Deloitte, and Gap Inc.
We also want to thank the White House Office of Social Innovation and
Civic Participation and the Corporation for National and Community
Service for their steadfast support and encouragement of our efforts.
The Reimagining Service Council expresses its gratitude to Executive
Director, Kaira Esgate for her outstanding leadership in advancing the
work of Reimagining Service during her tenure and to her team of Bank of
America Service Leadership Fellows, led by Season Eckardt.

And last but not least, we are thankful to the thousands of
organizations and individuals that have embraced the Reimagining Service
principles and look forward to continuing to watch and learn from your
efforts to change the way organizations embrace volunteering.

In service,

Bobbi Silten

Reimagining Service Council Chair
Newsletter - AL!VE Jan 2015 Newsletter

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