Professional Development - what has worked for you?

session or networking event I attend.
Rule 1 – Take away one nugget of knowledge.  As you get into your career you will hear a lot of the same ole stuff over and over.  Stop hoping that someone will come up with a brand new idea that you have never heard of.  If you can walk away with just one nugget of information then you have been successful.  All those nuggets really add up over the  years.
Rule 2 – Make a friend.  Carry your business cards and hand them out.  Collect business cards and write something specific about that person and your conversation on their business card.  Most important always follow up with an email or post card. 
Rule 3 – Get a resource.  There are so many resources available to use today either with books, internet, apps, etc.  Almost every professional development events has resources readily available. 
Rule 4 – Be a friend, share a resource and share your nuggets (knowledge and experience) with the group. 
Jeannie Citerman-Krager: Some of the best I have participated in/received was many years
ago at the first few Points of Light Foundation Annual Conference; 
back in 1992, 1993, 1994. 
The best presenters were: Susan Ellis, Sue Vineyard, Betty Stallings, 
Steve McCurly, etc. Amazing to me that almost all are still doing the 
same thing and doing it quite well.
I still have my conference brochure from my first national conference in 1992!
Gretchen Jordan:  I joined Toastmasters for several years to help build my confidence in public speaking.  It is a great program that is reasonably priced, self paced, and worked for my schedule.  There are many levels and types of speaking roles to learn, and they have helped me immensely in training, public speaking, interviewing (potential volunteers AND for myself when interviewing for jobs), dealing with controversial subjects, storytelling, selling an idea or product.  The environment is collegial, fun and welcoming.  Toastmasters welcomes all at any speaking level, and you can attend one meeting at no cost to see if it is a fit for you.  It was a great way to network and meet others in my community, too!  Check it out  

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