President's Letter

Rob Bonesteel, CVA

Every year when Spring arrives I become excited about being a volunteer engagement professional because there a many events that are highlights of our work. Over the next few months, many of us will be planning celebrations for National Volunteer Week, some of us are anticipating the CVA test, and hopefully all of us will be attending the Summit on Advanced Volunteer Engagement (S.A.V.E) and NCVS. What makes these events significant is how they connect, all of us that are passionate about volunteers together. From these things we form friendships, have shared experiences and grow together.

The Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement aka AL!VE is working hard to build that sense of community throughout the year when we are apart, while also taking the time to capitalize on those rare opportunities when we have the chance to be together. In this newsletter, you are going to read about some ways on how you can develop professionally while also strengthening your networks. Hopefully, as you take advantage of these opportunities you continue to feel the same sense of excitement about engaging volunteers.

Finally, I know that for a while now we, AL!VE, have been poor communicators of the exciting things that are going on in our association. However, that is going to be changing. Over the last few months we have been looking at how we can keep all of us better informed without overwhelming you with lots of e-mails and information. So as we move forward, keep an eye out on our quarterly newsletter, like this, which will be highlighting a handful of important news items and monthy which will focus on a single topic that we think you should know about. In addition to this we are going to continue keeping up with our website articles, LinkedIn Discussions,  tweets, and Facebook posts for those of you that want to get information even more often.

It is easy to get caught up in all the tasks and to-do items that have to be accomplished in order for volunteers to be able to help our organizations. However, I hope that as this Spring begins, your excitement for what we do is continues to grow and that you remember that AL!VE is here for you.

Enjoy the newsletter!




Newsletter - Spring 2012

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