Building on 2011 Success

President Elect - Kathy Cahill, CPRP

At our annual meeting we discussed that AL!VE has been Focusing upon three primary goals, the AL!VE Board of Directors and a dedicated cadre of committee members have taken steps to move the organization forward.

These goals are:
1) to create regular, timely communications to the public and current/prospective members that inform, education and advocate for AL!VE and the volunteer management profession.

2) to develop partnerships and outreach strategies at local, state, regional meetings that elevate the volunteer management profession and support the organization’s mission

3) to increase membership and resources to carry out our mission.
In many ways we have succeeded our simple but complex goals. 

• Worked with web host to develop mobile phone apps for both iPhone and Android systems
• Infrastructure for 2012 Regional Roundtables
• Facilitated group member networking event held at NCVS
• Hosted two networking meetings with central topics of social media and revitalizing local groups
• Promoted International Volunteer Managers’ Day (IVMD) via social media
• Regular Broadcasts and e-newsletter
• Developed outreach for National Volunteer Week promotion
• Established Social Media Presence for AL!VE
Facebook (currently 198 Fans)
Linked In (currently 82 Members)
Twitter (currently 976 Followers)

• Continue to implement group member benefits of networking, resource sharing, GTM access and exposure on AL!VE website
• Partnered with Group Membership Committee to integrate a central theme of Advocating for the Profession in several webinars and presentations
Developed relationships with other related organizations
• Conference presence to support regional and national events for volunteer managers
1. Blaine House Conference (Maine) – AL!VE represented by Karen McDonald
2. North Carolina Conference on Volunteerism, North Carolina Association of Volunteer administration (NCAVA) – AL!VE represented by Harriett Edwards
3. Colorado Conference on Volunteerism (CCOV) – AL!VE represented by Sarah Christian
4. National Conference on Volunteerism and Service (NCVS) – AL!VE partnered with CCVA to sponsor booth in Exhibit Hall; Hosted reception for members and potential members; Presentations by several Board Members who each individually acknowledged AL!VE during their workshops; participated in furthering discussion hosted by NCVS/HON/POLI
• Partnership development and retention
• Maintained existing partnerships with: Energize, Inc. and CCVA
• Established partnership with: International Journal of Volunteer Administration (IJOVA)

• Welcomed 98 new members since 11/1/2010 bringing membership total to 259
• Updated and reprinted membership materials for change of leadership and treasurer relocation to Austin
• Developed recruitment strategies such as discount coupons for conference presence
• Coordinated work with Marketing and Web host to ensure information on web site is kept up to date
• Worked individually and collectively to advocate for the profession via personal and professional networks
• Informed Board members and Association members about opportunities to further advocate for the profession
• Increased member engagement on committee by inviting AL!VE members to actively participate with committee work
• Hosted 4 Webinars  (Total Participants = 47)and established Member Forums for member engagement
  1. Train the Trainer: Polish your Training Style and Increase your Influence (Jennifer Flowers)
  2. Risk Management and Your Volunteer Program (Pamela D. Robinson)
  3. Moving your Role from Manager to Leader of Volunteer Engagement (Jill Friedman Fixler)
  4. Effective Engagement of Skill Based Volunteers (Brian Ogle)

• Reconciled and posted AL!VE organizational By-Laws as revised
• Developed new Chart of Organization following revision of By-Laws
• Developed the following policies: Guide for periodic review of policies, Guide for Association Gifting, Recruitment Strategies for Identifying New Committee Members (included in Chair Expectations), Media Policy
• Conducted review of existing policies, making amendments as necessary
• Developed the Human Quality and Skills Profile for AL!VE Administrative Support utilizing an HR Predictive Index
• Designed selection process for Business Manager as an Independent Contractor and advertised position

As you can see, 2011 was a successful year for a virtual board made of entirely volunteers. 2012 has started out extremely promising with the hiring of AL!VE's first paid staff member. Beth Utley is AL!VE's part time business manager working approximately 15 hours or less a week. There are lots of plans for 2012 and to keep the momentum moving forward we have to thank the members who have stuck by us and continue to invest in the work AL!VE is doing.


Newsletter - Spring 2012

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