Local Associations Webinar May 16

Planning - who did what by when
Involving corporate partners - getting sponsorships
Media production - enlisting experienced volunteers to produce videos
Day of event - how it all went
What was learned and what they'll do different next time

This webinar is intended for leadership of Local Associations AL!VE members, recommended for those in leadership positions within your Local Association.

Our March presentation, Financial Frameworks for Local Associations, was very well received.  You can find a copy of the slide deck and the meeting in the file archive on the members only side. 

In addition, check these additional benefits to AL!VE local association members.
  • Mentoring
  • ​Website listing
    • Please review our listing of local associations here.  You can also send edits from this page too.  We plan to update this listing this year, you will be contacted by a member of our committee.

  • Calendar

    • Have a conference, training, or other professional development opportunity?  You're welcome to list on our calendar.  Submit here.

  • Local Associations Summit - NOVEMBER 4, 2021 1-3 PM

    • The summit for 2021 date is set!  Mark your calendars!
      The first national summit of Local Associations was held in November 2020 via Zoom.  We've sent out a recap and next steps from this event for those who registered.  If you would like to receive a copy, contact us.

  • Free webinars

    • AL!VE Local Association Members enjoy the free monthly AL!VE Academy webinars - when registering, please enter your association's name or acronym so you won't be billed.  See the calendar for dates.  

  • Communication

    • AL!VE Local Association Members are encouraged to forward this newsletter or send any pertinent information to their membership ! (Remember, we don't have access to your member information)

Newsletter - copy of AL!VE Newsletter: April 2021

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