Invite to Join - Regional Roundtable

Meetings will be held quarterly and will last no more than one hour.
Topics will include issues that relate to YOUR region.  Possible examples include:
  * What inspires volunteers to engage and best practices for recruitment
  * Success in recruiting multicultural volunteers
  * Training, and retention to develop committed, independent volunteers to move an organization forward

Each region has a Regional Representative who works with the board and staff of AL!VE to determine the needs of the region. Working through your Regional Representative, AL!VE members can suggest a meeting topics for future Regional Roundtables.

Benefits of attending an AL!VE Regional Roundtable:
  * Networking and relationships with fellow AL!VE regional members.
  * Easy access to contact information of other members in the region
  * A chance to connect, share best practices and challenges with peers
  * AL!VE will become a tool for YOU and YOUR region’s members to participate in conversations relevant  to the field Regional members will deepen their relationship with AL!VE, and have the potential to become regional leaders.

To get connected to your Regional Representative please email

Newsletter - Nice to meet you

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