2017 New Board and Officers


Congratulations to our newly elected Board Members and Executive Committee!


President:  Jason Frenzel, CVA (Existing Board Member)
Secretary:  Jeannie Citerman-Krager, CVA (Existing Board Member)
President-Elect:  Dana Litwin, CVA (Existing Board Member)
Treasurer: Brian Probst, CVA (Existing Board Member)


Gretchen Weaver
Dallas, TX - South Central Region
Dallas Habitat for Humanity

Gretchen has an extensive background in teaching and training. She is excited to communicate new ways to implement training, as well as help others implement best practices in their volunteer training programs.  Gretchen comes to Volunteer Services from a twenty year background in education. She has worked with educational groups from Washington DC and
Mississippi to Texas and Oregon. Her expertise lies in designing effective training and involving and motivating young people to form life-long habits of community involvement. She has served on the boards of several non-profits.

Affiliations:  Dallas Area Directors of Volunteers, Professional Certification, Non-profit Organizations, Faith-based Organization, DOVIA/Professional Organization, Academia

Thoughts on the value of a national organization: A national organization gives the field a way to communicate about successful new ideas, pitfalls and best practices in an efficient way.

Karmit Bulman
Maplewood, Minnesota - Great Lakes Region
Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

Karmit has extensive experience running non-profit organizations and has a strong background of leadership in international, national and statewide coalition building. Her roles have involved financial management, program development, public and community relations, fund raising and oversight of organizational operations. She has a particular passion for facilitation of collaborative processes, conflict assessment, coalition building, executive coaching and consulting, new business development, organizational turnaround, and revenue expansion. Karmit Bulman is the Executive Director for the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration (MAVA). Before coming to MAVA, Karmit was the executive director of the Conflict Resolution Center and previously served as executive director for Temple Israel, Vail Place and Avenues for Homeless Youth. Karmit firmly believes that increased volunteer infrastructure can maximize organizational capacity by making it possible for all non-profits and government entities to fulfill their missions. Her roles have involved financial management, program development, public and community relations, fund raising and oversight of organizational operations.

Affiliations: Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration, Non-profit Organizations, Faith-based Organization, DOVIA/Professional Organization, Consultant, Charitable Organizations

Thoughts on the value of a national organization: It is essential that we create a strong national "go to" organization that can assist state associations to grow and thrive. Also there is a compelling need for national public policy advocacy. We need federal funding and visibility on a national level.

Megan Holland
Mahomet, Illinois - Great Lakes Region
Carle Hospital

Megan Holland who volunteers call the WWEE (Woman With Endless Energy) has served for nine years as Director of Volunteer Services for a 2000+ volunteer program (of all ages) at Carle Hospital in Urbana IL. In her free time she volunteers for the local RSVP on the Advisory Board and on the Board of the Administrators of Volunteer Resources group which is an Affiliate Society of the Illinois Hospital Association where she plans conferences currently. Before healthcare Megan served as the General Manager of the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra and in her spare time served as a volunteer for the local Arts Council. She achieved an award as one of the 40 Under 40 in 2012 and the Outstanding Women You Should Know in 2008 both local awards, but her favorite award is when her volunteers are enjoying their roles while giving back to the community.

Affiliations: RSVP and Illinois Hospital Association,  AVR - Administrators of Volunteer Resources for the Illinois Hospital Association (8 yr board term ending Nov 2016) District Program Chair, District Associate Chair, Chair, Associate Conference Chair and now Conference Chair, ECIVC (East Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference - Connected with ServeIllinois) for three years - served as Co-Chair and member.Healthcare, Non-profit Organizations, Consultant, Charitable Organizations, Business/Corporations.  

Thoughts on the value of a national organization: My efforts to support and grow excellence in volunteer engagement is the focus of my discretionary effort. I can find excellent speakers for conferences, speak on a variety of topics, facilitate roundtable discussions, event plan, network for new members, and in general be a positive asset to any board. I am an eager participant who works hard for the cause. I am also connected to and understand the complex and growing challenges in healthcare volunteerism as more and more pressure is being put on volunteer directors to fill in gaps and shortfalls due to funding