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AL!VE provides training and networking opportunities through our AL!VE Academy webinars.

AL!VE Academy provides high-quality educational opportunities specifically designed to assist leaders in volunteer engagement in building and strengthening their leadership, management and technical skills. Throughout the year, AL!VE features a wide variety of topics, conducted by world class trainers and peers in the field.  As new classes are scheduled, they will be added to the AL!VE calendar.  Once complete, members can view on demand on the 'members only' portion of the site. AL!VE webinars are FREE for AL!VE members; the general public is welcome to attend for $25 per webinar.

We also offer training opportunities through our AL!VE Communities of Practice (COP), a small, interactive and idea sharing forum specifically designed to benefit leaders in volunteer engagement. The COP offers our members a way to gain new perspectives and learn practical ideas while networking with other AL!VE members. Throughout the year, AL!VE will feature forums on a wide variety of topics, facilitated by experienced peers in the field of volunteer engagement.

AL!VE also supports training that enhances the nonprofit sector and members' professional development. Visit our AL!VE Calendar of Events for additional training and conference opportunities and to submit upcoming training and conferences in your area.

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2023 Academy Topics:
January 2023: Create Your Own Career Adventure - Presented by Carrie Hart & Angela Williamson, CVA
February 2023: Transforming Disruption to Impact - Presented by Beth Steinhorn, VQ Volunteer Strategies
March 2023: Finding Your Spotlight - Presented by Corina Sadler, CVA
April 2023: Neurodiversity in Volunteerism, Presented by Sarah Phillippe, CVA
May 2023: Online Recruitment, Presented by Jennifer Bennett, CVA from VolunteerMatch
June 2023: The Relationship Between Volunteer Roles and Well-Being | Using Data to Create Mutually Beneficial Position Descriptions, Presented by Courtney Tull
July 2023Addressing Mental Health and Ending Stigma in the Workplace: Taking the Next Step, Moving from Awareness to Action! Presented by Ian Adair
August 2023: Recovery & Inclusion: Why Creating Recovery-Friendly Volunteer rograms Benefits Everyone, Presented by Jaclyn Wilmot & Adreinne Potter-Yoe
September 2023:  Recruitment Isn't the Answer, Presented by Rob Jackson
October 2023:  No AL!VE Academy - please attend the Hybrid Conference
November 2023: Hidden Biases in Volunteer Management, Presented by Susan Sanow
December 2023:  TBA

2022 Academy Topics:
January 2022: Appreciating Volunteer Management as a Step on Your Career Ladder - Presented by Mary Beth Harrington
February 2022: Sticky Situations: Marketing and Media Magic for Volunteer Engagement - Presented by Dana Litwin, CVA
March 2022: The Transformational Role of Volunteer Engagement Professionals - Presented by Becca Hand, MPA, CVA
April 2022: Volunteer Recognition with a Shoestring Budget - Presented by Joe Landmichl
May 2022: Understanding the Challenges Volunteer Administrators Face: Results from a Recent Research Study - Presented by David Thorne, Ed. D.
June 2022: Standards For Our Profession - Presented by Emilie Bromet Bauer, CVA and Jordanya Reeves, CVA
July 2022: Improving Staff/Volunteer Relations Through Staff Training - Presented by Paula Allen, CVA and Angela Williamson, CVA
August 2022: Volunteer Career Mapping - Presented by Alicia Campbell, CVA
September 2022: Creating a More Inclusive Space for Volunteers- Presented by Darlene Laird and Joshua Rodgers
October 2022:  No AL!VE Academy this month, join us for the Hybrid Conference!
November 2022: Volunteer Revelations From an Older Adult - Presented by Paul Iarrabino
December 2022: AL!VE's Service Enterprise Program - Presented by Kayla Paulson, CVA

2021 Academy Topics:
January 2021: Creating a More Diverse & Inclusive Environment Through the Mechanisms That Engage Volunteers - Presented by Jerome Tennille
January 2021: Making the Case for your Volunteer Program - Presented by Karen Reid
February 2021: No One Right Way: Imagining New Systems for Volunteer Engagement - Presented by Lisa Joyslin
March 2021: Navigating Difficult Situations: Effective Solutions for Everyday Challenges - Presented by Beth Steinhorn
April 2021: Make it Personal - Building Inclusion in Your Volunteer Corps - Presented by Paula Allen, Emilie Bromet-Bauer & Nicole Smith
May 2021: Saying No to the Wrong Things So We Can Say Yes to the Right Things - Presented by Alana Knoppow
June 2021: 9 Years and Counting:  Lessons learned from a Virtual Volunteer Program - Presented by Michelle Wiesner
June 2021 Bonus: The Volunteer Value Proposition: Capturing Numbers and Impact - Presented by Sue Carter-Kahl
July 2021: Pause for Change - Centering Empathy, Equity & Experimentation in Volunteer Management - Presented by Heather Hiscox
September 2021: Building Strategic Partnerships - Or Not! - Presented by Brian Rosenbaum
November 2021: Creating Your Professional Brand...Yesterday! - Presented by Corina Sadler
November 2021 Bonus: Overcoming Hustle Culture: Why Leaders in Volunteer Engagement Must Stop Wearing Burnout as a Badge of Honor - Presented by Kyra Altman
December 2021: Engaging Corporate Volunteers - Presented by Brian Rosenbaum

2020 Academy Topics:
January 2020: Managing Volunteer Risks: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - Presented by William Henry
February 2020: Advocacy Series, Part 1: Advocacy and Volunteer Engagement: Who, What, Why, and How - Presented by Emilie Bromet Bauer &Kellie  Crawford
March 2020: The Accidental Trainer: Developing Immersive Learning as Part of Your Volunteer Engagement Strategy - Presented by Barry Altland 
April 2020: Partnering with Volunteers Motivated by Faith - Presented by Faiza Venzant, Brittni Coe & Jordanya Reeves
May 2020: Advocacy series, part 2: Elevating Leaders of Volunteers: It's time to strategize advocacy - Presented by Meridian Swift
May 2020: COVID-19 International Survey of Practioners and Volunteers, Initial Results - Presented by Erin Spink 
                This webinar is available to all.  You may view and download the slide deck here.  The recording may be viewed here.
May 2020: Advocacy series, part 3: Engaging Elected Officials to Promote Volunteerism - Presented by Tom Branen & Emily Steinberg. 
                This webinar is available to all. You may view and download the slide deck here.  The recording may be viewed here.
July 2020: Leadership Strategies: Boosting Volunteer Communications in the Covid-19 Era - Presented by Karen Reid, MA, CVA  
August 2020: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Volunteer Engagement, Presented by Lexi Bollis
September 2020: Corporate & Skills-based Volunteers - Presented by Marjie Bland
October 2020: Managing Risk Hybrid Conference Debrief - Panel Presentation & Discussion
November 2020: Advocacy: Building Buy-In and Making a Case for Your Volunteer Program (Part 1) - Presented by Karen Reid
December 2020: Modern Trends in Volunteer Engagement - Panel hosted by Kellie Crawford

2019 Academy Topics:
January 2019:
Playing the Board Game: Engaging High-Level Executives In Your Volunteer-Supported Organization - Presented by Barry Altland 
February 2019: What you need to know about the CVA credential - Presented by Tammy Holland, CVA
March 2019: Masterclass: Volunteer Management Game Changers - Driving Your Strategy with Greater Focus and Clarity - Presented by Tobi Johnson
April 2019: Claim Your Seat at the Table: How to Position Yourself as a Strategic Partner - Presented by: Megan Vixie, MPA, CVA, PHR, SHRM-CP
May 2019: Supporting and Engaging Volunteers with Mental Illness - Presented by Katie Mahoney, MSW
June 2019: Taking Volunteer Training Online - Presented by Tomomi Summers
July 2019: A Recap of the Points of Light Conference and Update on the National Alliance for Volunteer Engagement - Presented by Dana Litwin, CVA
August 2019: Busting Myths and Believing Benefits: Strategies to Help Staff Want to Work with Volunteers - Presented by Lisl Hacker  
September 2019: Certificates, Certification, and Credentialing: What does it mean and why does it matter? - Presented by Emilie Bromet-Bauer, CVA, Michelle Raymer, CVA & Faiza Venzant, CVA
October 2019: Time Well Spent: Learnings from An English National Survey on the Volunteer Experience - Presented by Amy McGarvey & Shaun Delaney 
November 2019: Practice & Research - Presented by Erin Spink & Emilie Bromet-Bauer, CVA  
December 2019: Leading With, and For, Compassion - Presented by Leah Thibodeau

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