Mentorship Programs

Emerging Leaders Mentorship Program

AL!VE is dedicated to the professional growth and development of leaders in volunteer engagement. The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Mentor Program is to provide a platform for AL!VE members to connect, share best practices and position themselves as leaders in the field through ongoing professional development and skills building. Participants will paired with AL!VE Mentors to receive individualized coaching and support as well as monthly mentee peer sessions pertaining to leadership development topics. 

ALIVE’s Emerging Leader Mentor Program has paired 95 matches since 2018, providing mentorship, professional development opportunities, and resource sharing for leaders of volunteer engagement.

Must be an AL!VE member to participate. Learn more about membership here.

For more information about this program, commitments and requirements, timeline, etc., please review the latest AL!VE Emerging Leaders Mentor Program FAQ.

Local Association Mentorship Program

AL!VE is also hosts a mentor program for local associations to assist them to grow into local strong sources of professional development, networking, and leadership development. If you would like to mentor a local association, we’d love to have you be a part of the mentorship team!  You’ll work with AL!VE board members to set up short consultation, coaching, or educational sessions on topics that you have expertise in and local associations need. This is a time commitment of a few hours a month on a regular basis, or less frequent depending on your schedule.

The program entails different levels of mentorship for your group. Each mentorship program last six months.

  • Non-members - They will receive 1 phone call/meeting with a mentor to consult and give advice.
  • AL!VE Individual members – They will receive 2 phone calls/meetings to consult and give advice + 1 coaching session within a six month period.
  • AL!VE Association Member – Up to a 12 month plan with calls, action plan, quarterly discussion sessions, follow-up and more. 

If you’re interested in mentoring a local association, please fill out our interest form and we will be in touch with you soon.

If your local association would like to be considered for a mentorship, we'd like to hear more about your group.

Local Associations of Volunteer Engagement Professionals – we are here to support you! We feel your struggles and are in the process of creating a how-to handbook specifically to help you – either as a new association or a long running one, you have issues you need resolved and we may have the answers. We’ll be sure to let you know when the handbook is complete, but for now we have a favor to ask - would you help us in creating/finalizing the handbook? We are looking for some sample documents (items listed below), so if you have any of these you can share, please send them to The Local Associations Committee.

For any questions about either mentorship program, email us at