Service Enterprise: Diagnostic & Debrief Service

At AL!VE, we strive to meet organizations where they are and support them in the volunteer engagement journey. With this in mind, we recognize that not every organization is in a place where they can sign up to fully commit to participate in the Service Enterprise Program and transform how they integrate and leverage the time, talents, skills, and lived experience of volunteers to achieve strategic volunteer engagement. Yet, we know that when organizations can invest in a few hours to take the Index of Volunteer Engagement (I.V.E.) and have a facilitated debrief session, they can see how the organization is currently doing and begin to strengthen their practices to engage the community and volunteers better to help them deliver their mission.

Through our partnership with our Service Enterprise Training & Implementation Partners across the country, we offer the opportunity for organizations to take advantage of the I.V.E. diagnostic assessment that is used in the Service Enterprise Program to help them gain a sense of their strengths and areas of opportunity when it comes to community and volunteer engagement. For over a decade, research has confirmed and helped us refine the key drivers in organizations that effectively engage the community. This can be a great tool to help your organization support a new strategic plan, inform a road map for more diverse and integrated community engagement efforts, or prioritize your volunteer engagement capacity-building efforts.

About the Diagnostic & Debrief Service

The Diagnostic & Debrief Service is valued at $1500, yet many of our Service Enterprise Training & Implementation Partners are able to leverage AmeriCorps, state, and/or private funds to minimize the cost to organizations. We will connect you with a Service Enterprise Trainer to get you a personalized estimate for pricing and timing.

Completing the Diagnostic, I.V.E.

  • Logistics: This is an individually completed online self-assessment that we typically encourage only a week or two timeframe for participants to complete. Your Service Enterprise Trainer will assist you in setting up your organization in the system.
  • Number of Participants: Typically, 3-10 individuals will take the assessment. Your Service Enterprise Trainer will help you determine who will be best to participate.
  • Time Investment:
    • Most participants will take about 30 minutes to complete the assessment.
    • One individual will need to enter additional information for the organization. This may take up to an additional 30 minutes, but we provide a worksheet to help collect the information needed in advance.

Participating in the Debrief

In addition to the formal report that will include tools to assist your organization in implementing community engagement practices, you will have the opportunity for focused and facilitated conversations about engaging the community as volunteers for your organization.

  • Logistics: Depending on your location and the nearest Service Enterprise Trainer, you may be able to do an in-person or virtual debrief.
  • Number of Participants: You will want to include everyone who took the I.V.E. and possibly a few others.
  • Time Investment: Depending on the size of your organization and the number of participants, it can take 2 to 2.5 hours. Your Service Enterprise Trainer will help you determine how much time to allocate.

Without a sound strategy to engage the community, you are significantly less likely to achieve your mission and advance your vision. The I.V.E. provides your organization with a baseline to gauge current stewardship of the resources available to you through your active community engagement to help you create a sound strategy and deliver your mission by strategically engaging volunteers.

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Characteristics & Key Drivers of Strategic Volunteer Engagement

The RGK Center for Philanthropy and Community Service at the University of Texas at Austin has identified 12 characteristics of organizations that operate as a Service Enterprise and demonstrate strategic volunteer engagement. To learn more about the Service Enterprise Domains and Characteristics check out our Service Enterprise Characteristics 11x17 Poster.

Learn More About Service Enterprise

To connect with a Training & Implementation Partner, request additional information about our Diagnostic & Debrief services, or learn more about the overall Service Enterprise Program, contact our National Service Enterprise Administrator, Kayla Paulson, at