AL!VE, Better Impact & VMPC Hybrid Conference

Now in its sixth year, the AL!VE - Better Impact - VMPC Volunteer Management Hybrid conference is scheduled for October 20 & 21, 2020

Registration now open for host sites OR individual registration
This conference is virtual, but can be hosted for groups in person.
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Our presenters and crew present the them in a unique and fun way. We 'live stream' direct to you with an opportunity to discuss and share locally and internationally  throughout the day. This one-day conference is presented two separate days to accommodate time zones in North America.

In 2019, 48 remote locations in the US and Canada participated with over 1,000 attendees over the two-day period.

What is a Hybrid Conference?
Four 60-minute minute presentations from dynamic, knowledgeable, and engaging trainers are live streamed to your local group.  A local facilitator guides group discussions in concert with the trainers.  Your group provides a location with access to a high speed internet connection, a screen, a local facilitator, handouts, and lunch/snacks for your group.
 Think Ted Talks meets late night talk show!
Our presenters and crew provide meaningful content in a fun way!