AL!VE Communities of Practice

AL!VE Communities of Practice  (COP)

Community of Practice is a group of volunteer engagement professionals that meets virtually to share issues, strategies and best practices, get and receive colleagues' support, make connections, and provide an opportunity to share information, experiences, and resources specific to the industry/structure or community they serve.

The AL!VE Communities of Practice Program is designed to give AL!VE members networking and educational opportunities within your field of expertise. It is a time for you to share experiences with your fellow AL!VE members.

In order to make it more convenient for our members, all Communities of Practice (COP) will be virtual meetings by utilizing and online meeting platform. Participants can join a meeting via a telephone call or through their computers with a headset or microphone.
Meetings will be held quarterly (check our calendar or newsletter for dates) and will last no more than one hour. Topics will include issues that relate to a specific type of community within our field, such as rural communities. Possible examples include:
* What inspires volunteers to engage and best practices for recruitment
* Training, and retention to develop committed, independent volunteers to move an organization forward * Success in recruiting multicultural volunteers.

Each COP has a Moderator who works with the board and staff of AL!VE to determine the needs of the COP. Working through your COP Moderator or Board Member, AL!VE members can suggest a meeting topics for future COP's.

Benefits of attending an AL!VE COP:
* Networking and relationships with fellow AL!VE  members.
* AL!VE will become a tool for YOU and YOUR COP members to participate in conversations relevant to the field, and have the potential to become leaders
* Easy access to contact information of other members in the COP
* A chance to connect, share best practices and challenges with peers
After each COP call, notes from the meeting and any handouts related to the meeting will be shared with the group. We highly encourage you to participate in each meeting as it is happening “live”, but if you should miss a meeting it will be there for you to review when you are able.

Active Communities of Practice: 

Rural Communities of Practice (COP)
Volunteer Engagement Professionals in small towns face unique challenges and opportunities that aren’t always addressed by advice intended for city-based audiences. There are also fewer opportunities to connect with others doing similar work across the country. That’s what led to the creation of AL!VE’s Community of Practice (CoP) for volunteer engagement professionals in rural communities.

For any questions about this, please contact Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss, COP facilitator 

Multiple Locations/Affiliates Communities of Practice
Meets Quarterly - contact Allyson Drinnon

Transportation Program Communities of Practice
Meeting every other month.  Please contact Cathy Thoma, COP facilitator

Calling all volunteer management professionals who work at an organization with multiple locations or affiliates!

You are invited to join an exclusive community dedicated to solving the issues you are facing. AL!VE is forming a community of practice to include leading national and international nonprofits responsible for supporting volunteer engagement throughout their organizations. Volunteer engagement staff at a nonprofit with multiple locations are often supporting volunteer managers, rather than directly supporting volunteers.  Discussion topics will be guided by member needs, but can include sharing around risk management and data protection, creating virtual training for multiple locations, and connecting our work to Sustainable Development Goals. 

For more information or to join, contact Allyson Drinnon, COP facilitator