Mission, Vision and Values

Empowering Volunteer Engagement Professionals through Collaboration, Innovation, and Advocacy for a Thriving Community.

Be Part of the Mission

AL!VE serves to enhance and sustain the spirit of volunteering by fostering collaboration and networking, promoting professional development, and providing advocacy for leaders in community engagement.

Embrace the Vision

AL!VE is the essential professional resource and advocate for those who engage, motivate, and celebrate volunteers and their vital contributions to our society.

Partner with Our Values

We Value Our Service by:

  • Providing excellence in service, adhering to the ethics we promote, and exemplifying competence, quality standards, and credibility within the profession.
  • Being on the pulse of our professions by defining and following best practices, identifying current and future trends, encouraging the use of the newest technology, and providing access/links to cutting-edge resources.
  • Relevancy, progression, and having an impact within our profession.
  • The promotion of learning and growth through training, connection of resources, and providing forums for thought leadership to meet the needs of multi-level expertise within our membership.

We Value Collaboration by:

  • Investing in the future of volunteerism through capacity building and being strong and viable in the communities we serve.
  • Honoring current relationships within the field and building new ones.
  • Building alliances that encourage innovation, creativity, vision, and passion.
  • Being fluid and flexible in our approach with other organizations.

We Value Stewardship by:

  • Diversity, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and accessibility.
  • Governing our organization with integrity and accountability by incorporating sustainable practices, both philosophically and financially.
  • Building effective leadership on a local, statewide, and national level and collectively influencing decisions that affect our profession.

We Value Our People by:

  • Attracting, retaining, fostering, and honoring the best and brightest talent.
  • Engaging and recognizing the talents of volunteers in the mission and work of our organization.
  • Open, proactive, transparent communication through being visible to all members.
  • While AL!VE welcomes international members, program and advocacy focus will be US & Territories based.