Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

If you are interested in sharing your time, skills and talents by becoming part of our Board of Directors, Committee Members, or as a Volunteer or Intern for the Association in some way, we'd love to hear from you!

Board of Directors: (link to board page) commit to 15-20 hours a month, and the board recruitment process is August-October.  

Present to your peers:  Present to your peers by leading an AL!VE Academy Webinar.  Learn more here.

Membership Committee Members:
Membership Committee members have a 3-5 hourly commitment per month; meet monthly and work on projects independently.  Tasks Include: new member calls, developing member benefits, local association mentoring & handbook/development, developing member materials, and presenting member webinars.

Current Members are:
Cairn Reisch, VP of Membership
Naomi Demarest
Beth Healey
Rachel Krempasky
Jared McCannell, CVA
Allison Reed
Corina Sadler, CVA
Mark Smith, CVA
Jennifer Thompson, CVA
Dana Litwin, CVA
Ann Owens

Apply for the membership committee here

Marketing Committee Members:
Marketing Committee members have a 3-5 hourly commitment, meet monthly and work on projects independently.  Tasks Include social media, website development, outreach and collaborating with other committees.

Current Members are:
Audrey Kidwell, CVA  VP of Marketing
Patrick Alyger
Apply for the marketing committee here

Programs & Advocacy Committee Members:
Programs & Advocacy Committee has a 3-5 hourly commitment, meets monthly and work on projects independently.  Tasks Include: developing monthly AL!VE Academy webinars, Advocacy development, Peer Recognition and more.  

New!  Now recruiting an Advocacy Volunteer/intern.  Learn more here.

New!  Volunteer Engagement Toolkit/Resource Guide development committee.  Applications now accepted for a short term committee to assist with creating a Volunteer Engagement Toolkit/ Resource Guide Volunteer web page.  View the position description here.   

Current Members are:
Michelle Raymer, CVA VP of Programs and Advocacy
Paula Allen
Emilie Bromet Bauer, CVA
Kelli Crawford
Bonnie Davis
Allyson Drinnon
Donna Finney
Mindy Rupley
Jennifer Thompson CVA
Rebeccah Verhoff-Kiss
Sharleen Eusebio

To apply for any position listed above, fill out our application form here.   A member of our board will be in contact in a timely manner.